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Series I: 180° CashFlow Strategies™
“Think Like a Business, Act Like a Bank


  • 180° CashFlow Strategies™ builds the basics of creating and managing your personal income, expenses and accelerated cash growth strategies.
  • In this first series we work through a mind shift to adopt Christian money management principles as God’s stewards over your home and business. Therefore, we take you on the journey of how to “think like a business (God’s business) and act like a bank.” This is based on Biblical principles and also taught in Craig Hill’s book, “Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don’t Know”. It is a mind shift leading to action steps that will guide you to steward the resources God has given you. You control your money and ultimately learn how to become the lender rather than the borrower.


  • Creating your P&L buckets
  • Obtaining a line of credit and questions to ask – how much to use
  • Using the calculator See Calculator Example: Tice Calculator this will be added into 1(c) workshop in Series I
  • Setting up your P2P account and how to make sure your funds are being invested
  • How to do a sweep account using float cards and your line of credit


  • Complete Your Discover Sheet
  • Read “Five Wealth Secrets”
  • Complete Personal P&L (Buckets)
  • Line of Credit or HELOC
  • Open up P2P Lending – Prosper or Lending Club
  • Open up Equity Institutional Account

Part 1: “Defining the Money Buckets”

(This first 2 hour workshop provides the overview of the complete 16 workshop course.)

  • Begin with the end in mind…. Many streams of income
  • Tracking your personal P and L
  • Decisions you make versus decisions “THEY” make for you
  • Finding more of your own money Part 1 (part 2 in series II)


Part 2: “Using the Bank’s Money to Make You Money”

(This second 2 hour workshop explains how to increase cash flow by “acting like a bank”.)

Debt cards or Charge cards
Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
Understanding Operating Lines of Credit
Cash flow working with accumulation
Q and A


HOMEWORK: Complete the following prior to attending the final 1(c) workshop:

  1. Complete Spending Plan and Categories
  2. Research Lines of Credit (LOC)
  3. Secured and Unsecured
  4. Personal and Business
  5. Research first position Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Part 3: “Learning How to Sweep Accounts”

(This third 2 hour workshop will be a “hands on” class where you will learn to begin the process. Bring laptop computer to practice opening accounts online.)

  • Sweep Accounts (Operating LOC)
  • Be the bank, Peer to peer lending
  • Linking your Checking to your sweep account
  • Q and A

Part 4: “Putting Your Plan in Place”

(This final Series I, 2 hour workshop brings it all together; putting action to knowledge. Bring laptop computer. We will walk through the process of opening up a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) account.)

  • Walking through the steps, and reviewing/discussing:
    • Cash flow management with the 5 buckets
    • How sweep accounts work with your line of credit
    • Cash flow acceleration – provide an illustration
  • If time allows, we’ll describe the differences between a Self-Directed IRA & Custodial accounts
  • Q and A