Our Story

To Leave A Legacy You Have to Live A Legacy. Transformational Finance is comprised of industry and leadership experts who have come together to help others “Live Free” through legacy living. We are a collaboration of experts in the field of business consulting, insurance, wealth management, taxes, estate planning, leadership training, life balance, spiritual healing and community involvement all on a journey to teach others how to Leave A Legacy. Thank you for joining us on our journey to “Live Free” – God’s Way!

Transformational Finance LLC is providing the educational “building blocks” to achieve financial freedom God’s way. There are approximately 2500 scripture verses that deal with managing money and the perils of mismanaging money.

At Transformational Finance you won’t just be equipped with your typical financial advice; you’ll learn biblically based, comprehensive financial planning strategies that will be transferable to your family for future generations.

Our complete educational suite begins with a FREE introductory presentation on ‘The Five Wealth Secrets’. This is followed by our foundation workshop, ‘Pathway to Legacy Living’, and our four (4) course series. Each series includes four (4) 2-hr. workshops, and builds the pyramid to creating financial freedom – living your legacy and ultimately – leaving your legacy.


Your Team

Margaret Rabbitt
CEO / President

Scott Belt
CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Julie Sies
Liaison, Transformational Leadership

Stuart Funke
Content Development
Strategic Relationships

Anne Burbank
Graphic Art Director 
Web Development Administrator


John Lee
CSO – Chief Sales Officer


Ray Rosa
Reverse Mortgage Professional


Patrick Lyons
Live Free Coach

Ryan Williams
Technical and Audio/Visual

Bob Tice


Bob Lumm
Insurance Products Advisor

James Autry


Erik Bloomfeldt
Investment Services

Kelly Burbank
Sr Web Developer/Online Consultant